Ethnic Cossacks

Ethnic Cossacks had their extensive national land in Russia and Ukraine. Russian Tsar Peter 1 for occupation and capture national Cossack territories gave the Cossacks and the most severe real genocide without any compromise. Went across-the physical destruction of the people of the Cossacks . Cossack troops of the Russian Tsar had armed resistance. But as a result of brutal and bloody battles with the forces of the Russian Tsar Cossacks suffered a military defeat. Several Cossack armies were forced to either go into exile as refugees. Russian Tsar severely dealt with and unconquered till the end brave people. Destroyed all the Cossacks women,  children and old people. Land was red with the blood of the Cossacks. After the conquest of the people Cossacks Russian Tsar decided not to destroy them all and create one special forces. led recreated Cossack troops were loyal to the king appointed officers of the Cossacks. ever are privileged to military service in the Russian Tsar Cossacks Cossacks made ??many heroic and valiant victories ever become history. Ethnic Cossacks originate directly from the ancient people of the Scythians and the Goth. A  large number of Cossacks took a thousand years ago in Scandinavia, where the partially mingled with the Scandinavian nation. Gone to Scandinavia Cossacks became Vikings. In Russia in the last 300 years of Russian propoganda drummed into the heads of the Cossacks that they are runaway slaves escaped from their masters on the river Don and the Dnieper, and organized voluntary groups highly trained soldiers. It must be admitted that the false propaganda of Russian state produced results. part of the Cossack people really believe that they are Russian or Ukrainian, and that indeed their ancestors were slaves in Russian┘ Gust recorded was 5 wars between Russian and Cossacks. Fourth war for independence from the Cossacks of Russia and Ukraine in the Russian school books and intsiklopedii called world famous Civil War in Russia. In fact, in the so-called White Army fought bravely against the Communists and the Bolsheviks to 75 percent ethnic Cossacks.   In 1917, Russia had about 6 million Cossacks. Over 2 million Cossacks were in the imperial  rassian  army in World War I. Russian Tsar had the strongest and prepared Cossack cavalry in the world. Regular officers is the Russian Imperial Army at the time in 1917 was about half a million people. This huge number of people are not more than 20 percent of Russian officers and Russian patriots selflessly entered into an unequal struggle with the Communists and the Bolsheviks. Ther regular officers went to their home and took a wait watching it will all end. In 1918, proclaimed the independence of Don Cossacks of the Don, Cossack Republic.It should be noted that only the Don Cossacks managed to create the Don Cossack republic. Establish independent Cossack republic also tried the Cossacks of the Kuban and Terek but White Russian did not allow them to do it. Generals of the Russian White Army officers and high-ranking Cossack officers did everything possible to prevent a simple Cossack to the Kuban and Terek independence from Russia.  By intrigue and assassination, they could not give the Cossacks Cossack establish their own independent state . But from the fact that the army of Cossacks and Russian officers constantly quarreled and abused each other red Russian quickly pressed them all to the Black Sea . Don Cossack government created a national army,  adopted the Constitution and made an alliance with the German government. Children▓s schools were opened for the children where the Cossacks of teaching was conducted in the language of the Cossack. Don National Army bleeding alone restrained huge army of crazed former Russian soldier destroys everything and everyone in its path. Red Army under the command of the Jew Leon Trotsky and Lenin was flooded with blood all over Russia. Don Army 2 years held back the Red Army alone is superior to them at least 10 times. German army helped the Cossacks ammunition and weapons. The Bolsheviks and Communists were in the hands of all the factories in Russia, and all strategic and military supplies for the Russian Imperial Army. Plus an unlimited supply of soldiers from the army of the former Russian Tsar sided with the Communists and the Bolsheviks. To 80 percent of the Russian imperial army soldiers sided with the Communists and the large number of them set up the gang of robbers, rapists, and looters. Russia drowned in blood. In Russia, the very well known fact that the commander of the Red troops were people of Jewish nationality.  Today in Russian archives of the Civil War can easily see that indeed the Jews of Russia, led by Lenin, Leiba Bronstein and many many others seize power in Russia. When the Cossacks of the Don could not alone restrain the Great Red Army Cossacks and the entire front of the White Army rolled to the Black Sea. When the Red Army won the war in the Russian communists (and the majority of these people are communists were Jewish) were losses of physical tens of millions of people in Russia. Were murdered in the polls all the Russian officers who were just sitting the whole civil war at home and waiting for a miracle. In addition, each day were the arrests and executions of people with higher education √ doctors, engineers and historians of all the rest of the educated class . Jew Leiba Bronstein (Trotsky), creator of the Red Army ordered the physical destruction of the polls and all the Cossacks. In modern Russia is known to all that order and how it ended for the Cossacks. During the civil war in Russia killed more than a million and half  Cossacks . After the war, the Communist Party is physically destroyed another 2 million Cossacks. In Russia are almost no men Cossacks. Were almost exclusively women Cossacks and their children are even old men were completely shot by  Communists. Cossack who could fled to the cities and they called themselves, or Russian or Ukrainian to not be firing squad or be exiled to the Gulag. Cossacks of the men survived a small percentage of the Cossacks of traitors who were in the civil war on the side of the Red Army. Before the Second World War, Stalin and the Communist Party persecuted and killed Cossacks wherever they could. However, in 1936, Stalin decided to create some of the Cossack divisions,  but these divisions are not entirely composed of ethnic Cossacks.  The division includes the Russian Belarusians, Ukrainians, Jews and others. After the Civil War was a huge number of refugees Cossacks professional soldiers. When the Second World War and Hitler attacked Stalin,  huge number of immigrants Cosscks  and the Cossacks  living in the USSR voluntarily joined the German  Wehrmacht. Adolf Hitler personally ordered that a German scientist anthropologists to determine exactly what kind of people belong to the Cossacks scattering. German scientists, anthropologists have shown that the Cossacks by blood are not Slavs,  and they belong in type to germonoidnoy scattering and scandinavians with small amounts of slavic blood. Hitler gave his consent to the establishment of the Cossack military units in the Wehrmacht. Cossacks being part of the German Wehrmacht participated mainly in to combat the guerrillas. Also during the retreat of the German Army from the land of the Cossacks of the Don River,  Don Cossacks had the most fierce resistance to the advancing Red Army. Red Army dearly cost the offensive on the ground of the Cossacks. Together with the German Wehrmacht, with the Cossacks left the native land and their wives and children. 15 Cossack Cavalry Corps of the SS walk joined the Swiss Alps in the Austrian city of Lienz . On behalf of the Queen Supreme Commander,  Britain solemnly promised the Cossacks,  that they will not be given to the brutal massacre of the Red Army. But it was a disgusting lie on the part of Britain. Cossacks  believed the words of Queen and  gave them their weapons  to the British arms.  They did not know that there was a meeting in Yalta Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill at which an agreement was signed that Stalin will take all the Soviet people who fought on the German side.  Pick up weapons from the Cossacks British soldiers and officers have invited all the officers of the Cossacks to the conference 1500  people . On the same day those 1500 Cossack officers were given to the massacre of the Red Army officers of the NKVD. The next day the people of the city of Lienz have seen that officer prisoners were burned alive in an abandoned factory in the ovens NKVD. Next day the issue of Cossacks and their children and wives of the Red Army to destroy them. On that day many people  were killed . Englishmen were beaten with rifles Cossacks and pressed their tanks because the Cossacks refused to sit in the truck for shipment to the Soviet Union. Many mothers throwing their babies into the river and jumped after themselves. Austrians then caught a lot of corpses of children and women . England covered itself does not wash away disgrace forever. Not many people survived after the issue Stalin. Many were shot and the others were sent to the death Gullag. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Cossacks also wanted to be separate from Russia.  But the Kremlin with Yeltsin prizident it is not allowed to make it. KGB destroyed almost all the leaders of the Cossacks at the time. Cossacks lost control center their actions and could not do anything to create their own state or republic.

Cossacks in the German army was 100,000 and one million two hundred thousand Russian 1,200,000Prizident Putin is watched very carefully,  that the Cossacks would not be their leader.

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