Cossacks want to become independent or not?
This article was prepared by Sergei Borozdin.
USA Illinois Chicago 2012

This question arose in me after much speculation, and after a simple examination of the facts here in the U.S. state of Illinois. I will not take away from the reader's precious time, but briefly, saying only that I live here in 1991 after violent events related to my activities to expose the hypocritical policy of the Russian authorities in relation to the Cossacks.Since I like a Cossack, deeply caring about my independence enslaved nation, I have always tried to keep abreast of developments related to them. Despite the fact that in 1990, my business was in full swing, and I was under investigation KGB (now he changed the sign on the FSB), I tried to be in the know on the referendum on the sovereignty of the state Kazakii. Political prisoners and had served in prison I got a false case disidentom and a refugee in the United States. Of course, at that time, I was surprised that such a clear question of independence, have been replaced by terms that are difficult to understand and even now with the help of a dictionary Dahl. It is unlikely that this will help the traditional Russian vodka. Further it would be possible for the political moment in Russia - the proclamation of the independence of the state would be able to change Kazakov painful experience of the futility of the works of the Cossack people spent on it. Well, at least the Cossack people showed it self this time as a single carrier in the sense of the centuries-old dream of independence. One wonders, not cut it the whole point of the long and tedious negotiations between officials in Moscow "sinking pair" to the people a little cold at first, and then for good?
I am here in the U.S. first took up the question, how the idea of the independence of the state of the Cossacks touches American and Canadian Cossacks. As a result, I can only say that they care about is the problem of all the Cossacks immigrants. Several scholars of the Cossacks, whom I spoke, said that they want to engage in politics. But business and the rich Cossacks, does not want to hear about this problem. Another question, why is this so, but the end result is important. Not for the sake of idle curiosity, I started the study. I wanted to create an international organization for the independence of the peoples Cossacks and Idel-Ural, as it sounds in the law of the United States 86-90 Captive Nations, adopted on 17 July 1959. The law lists porabaschennye people, including the people of Cossacks living in Russia and Ukraine, and solemnly declared that the U.S. President and empowered to issue annually a proclamation requesting freedom of the peoples of the above "as long as freedom and independence will be achieved for all oppressed peoples the world. " Clearer. I am sure that if in support of the Cossacks came to ordinary citizens of Europe, USA and Canada at least in the form of active support for all Internet resources is the question of aid to our people from different countries would certainly rise. It would be enough publicity in the international press as with Pussy Riot-is a Russian feminist punk-rock band. How to attract voluntary contributors to the problem regardless of the Cossacks and the rehabilitation of our people after several bloody genocides and total destruction as a living unit, I do not know. The only way that you do it just to ask all visitors to our web site to place our information on our data to other online resources. But I am sorry I am not sure that someone will be seriously engaged in this. Who needs it? Why would any American or Canadian to spend their own time on volunteer support to the Cossacks? Better for them to go out and buy a few bottles of their favorite beer Budweiser and relax in front of the TV. Nobody cares what happens to some Cossacks. For now underway under the direction of Moscow rascal bandit Putin continues silent genocide of the Cossacks. Cossack leaders in serious national movements are not so many now. FSB (KGB) in the past two decades or physically removed upratali in prison on false and fabrication for Cossacks or other highly intelligent locked up in psychiatric hospitals without the right to withdraw from there.

Inspired by this idea, I began to act. First things first, I thought that I should reach out to state officials the U.S. that they have forgotten about us, that we are still enslaved nation. To do this, to present a good case. I got away from the famous writer resolution with going to the UN Decolonization Cossacks. Excellent work and an example of in-depth analysis of the colonial status of Cossacks. First sent with acknowledgment of receipt of the resolution influential U.S. senator. Then went to New York to not only deliver a resolution which requests that the UN, which has undertaken to make the 20th century the last century colonies, reviewed the status of the granting of independence to the colonies of the former Russian Empire, but also to explore the possibility of cooperation on the issue. If the first part of the problem I did not have an easy way with the second part was not so easy. Why? Just because no one Cossack or other public organization of the colonies of the Russian Empire has international status, ie they simply are not registered in other countries, including in the U.S.. Therefore, the well-known and reputable associations are not governmental organizations at the United Nations, whose members have a permanent pass to the headquarters of the United Nations, receive press materials, attend press conferences and discussions at a special conference of the non-governmental level, there is not a Cossack. But representatives of this association have wide contacts with diplomats and their advisers, to coordinate their actions to address interested and lobbied their concerns. Otherwise, what's the point to go there and be enrolled in the association. Well, the conclusion is not particularly good for our activity, but we already know that the terminally infected with the disease, when they spend hours to discuss trifling place harbored solutions to then finger on the finger does not hit for their implementation. At the same time, know that even for suburban area not one solution, but it is absolutely necessary for months or even years to the decision a "punch" and is not always successful. Here, in question, which seemed to affect our being, we are hopelessly careless. I am sure that many of the Cossack and other organizations make the decision to apply to the UN or the presidents of the Western countries, but it is rather short on them to the address in the archive. Because the matter has not moved an inch.
Once I officially sent with return receipt resolution in the U.S. Senate, I talked to one of the diplomats from one of the former colonies of Russia, working in the UN Sub-Committee dealing with decolonization. I asked him, did the UN an autonomous national entity of Russia on the subject matter of the question or to discuss its decolonization. He replied that no, no one spoke. Even Chechnya, I insisted. Even Chechnya, he said. God is just, what we want in this world? UN to realized our situation, when there first Soviet and Russian diplomats are now washed and brainwashed delegates of all countries, that de Russian Empire did not have any colonies, while it is ready to contribute to the liberation of the colonies of other countries, including Virgin Islands (U.S.). You yourself can see the fruits of this success diplomats Empire. And not only diplomats worked, but all Leninism-communism succeed in this. I am sure, without hesitation, that the majority of the colonies Russia does not consider himself enslaved as de colony that is when they are separated from the mother seas. An old song, but very poisonous, like a drug. She poisoned, unfortunately, many well-known figures of our elite, including the ruling party. When I asked a respected politician in Russia, he in a telephone conversation with me, insisting that Russia does not have and did not have colonies. When I asked him why all the so-called Soviet republics, including fellow Slavs Ukraine and Belarus, escaped overnight from Russia, he said that he supposedly used the "perestroika" and no more. I can not agree with such a categorical statement, since the process of disintegration of the empire there, and few can argue otherwise. The entire Caucasus is a striking example. However, I can not disagree with the observation of a respected academician R. Sagdiyev to my question about the law of the United States 86-90 Captive Nations with reference to people of the Cossacks and Idel-Ural. He explained simply that the United States lowered the law "on the brakes." Well, he knows better, and I can not contradict him, especially since no leader Cossacks never formally requested the U.S. State Department about the problem. As a result, no U.S. Senator has not responded to my emails, except for formal replies that they thank me for the letter and that, well, in time, they will respond to it. Well, they know better. But it is clear that senators would not be because of one scientist to spoil relations with Russia, the more so for it is not worth no influential force. It is one thing for example, when they had to ratify the Convention on the prohibition of chemical weapons at no direct participation of the Republic of Tatarstan dissidents. There was no number of senators who threw letters scientists disidentov of Tatarstan, one - to act for the ratification, the other - against. Here in America, under the influence of American Tatars - political refugee in the United States Tatar scientists changed their negative attitude to the Convention and supported it. It is still not certain, speaking at the time they (the Tatars) against her, she would have passed through the U.S. Senate. But to use the situation to support the issue of decolonization Cossackia States and I did not think anyone has suggested to me. That's what, a loner, so that means I'm not a politician.
As they say, baby pacifier neplachuschemu not give. But it is clear both that the ruling elite does not want to turn this issue into a real problem, that is, bear on the international agenda. Does not want it to become a subject of world masshtaba.Oni afraid of that. They are afraid of the Cossacks. That's what a sad conclusion for me was a terrible revelation. I'd like to be wrong, but the facts are stubborn things, and from them, as always, will not go away. Claims that we are not a colony, can not withstand criticism not only from the experience of the initial stage of the collapse of the empire already held, but also from the point of view of the scientific definition of the word "colony". Take, for example, a dictionary of The American Heritage dictionary. There's a word interpreted as colony area managed by the state or the state far away. Exactly the definition given in the dictionary Webster's New World Dictionary. For obvious reasons, I have not found in the Encyclopedia Britannica definition of the term, although there is a full description of Russian expansion in its section of the term "colonialism". Consequently, if there is a Russian colonialism, it should be and the colony as a result of this policy. However, the above interpretation is definitely more in the diplomatic dictionary J. Lo. What's the truth, the exact distance of the remote state of colonized territories are not given. In the end, historians and diplomats are not representatives of the exact sciences, and from them can not be required to determine compliance with the standards of weights and measures. In my opinion, and so very clearly that under this definition includes almost all the autonomous communities of the empire. They are all managed by the State Russian, not Cossacks, not Tatars, not Chechens or Bashkirs, and from Kazan or Ufa, and from Moscow. I think that no Russian has no doubt that in due time the Russian principalities ruled by a distant government in the form of the Golden Horde, and they were colonies. What of the fact that the Golden Horde declared Russian territory their perpetual possession and included them in its structure, in the same way as did the Russian later with indigenous components of the Horde, that is, Tatars, Bashkirs and other Turkic people? The result of this has not changed, unless you believe the tales of Russian historians, that, well, they carried the war progress. It is not difficult to understand that there is simply rotated opposite axis control by the predatory colonial war. Moscow in a Russian state control colonies, including the heirs of the Golden Horde, with severe consequences for them. In Russia, the well-known fact that the Golden Horde joined several very large clans of Cossacks . Also almost no one remembers now that the movement of the Vikings in Scandinavia began with the arrival of the warlike clans Cossack-Scythians in their land. It is not clear why the Russian but does not hide the fact that the bloody king in Russia, Ivan the Terrible (Ryurekovich) a direct descendant of one of the leaders of the Vikings. And after a century and a half part of the descendants of the Vikings came back to the land of their ancestors to the Don and the Dnieper. This is the essence of historical truth and not escape from it. However, the essence of things is not changed by the claim that de Russian colonization different from the British or the French. Even because the Russian imperialists refuse to accurately determine the boundaries of the metropolis. And so today the same question for the study, what was the question of finding the mine, where he worked as general secretary of USSR comrade Khrushchev, or the army, commanded by five times hero of USSR , idiot Leonid Brezhnev. Clearly, this is no more than an imperial trick. Sooner or later, Putin or other Russian president to address this issue. We are witnessing the collapse of Yugoslavia with a very defined borders of Serbia. Fortunately Serbs, although they managed to keep their long-inhabited territory. Our Russian even do not. I am sure that this is just another manifestation of arrogance in solving serious problems. Too late, it would be necessary to define them, but that may have to hard. As I said the political prisoners in jail, "Sailor's Silence", the earlier you get in, get out sooner.
Could well be that the question of independence, many understand as an absolute categorical separation of the empire, the reluctance to be in friendship and alliance with the Russian. The geopolitical situation Cossacks or other colonies of the empire, except for a few of them, and many-centuries-old ties between the people do not leave room for such suspicion. No, the colonies can not move to the moon or enter under the protection of other older brothers as Turkey or China, for example. However, do not put the cart before the horse. All the talk about the union of a union can only take place between equal partners, not between master and slave. Any democratic State Union, which may be supposed, for example, the Confederation of the republics of the former (I think that by the time negotiations empire will be dissolved, and in the former colonies gain independence Russia de facto and de jure) can only be established on the basis of delegation from the bottom up, not the opposite. Thus were created the United States, after the British colonies declared their independence and formed an alliance. For years, the state delegates were disputes in Philadelphia (from 1774 to 1789) until the Constitution was adopted. I note, the Union had no counterpart in history, and even the creators of the U.S. founding fathers believed that this is only an experiment on the force for several decades. Interested can refer to become this year's best-selling book D.Makkoloufa "John Adams" (the second president of the United States) for a description of all the vicissitudes of the struggle for the creation, as expressed by the creators themselves, "the best union." The experiment proved successful, the union turned out strong survivors for more than two centuries. The main reason for this is fundamental, of course, is that the country was founded on the basis of voluntary delegation of free and independent states authority to the center bottom. Hence it is not difficult to understand that the descent of authority from the top down is an absolute sign of an oppressive regime, an empire, not a democratic union. In the latter case, the Democratic Union does not smell at all.
Of course, another important question is whether the former colonies with non-democratic regime a democratic union of republics. Clearly, the question itself, borders on tautology, does not sound natural. However, we need to answer it. The answer can only be a categorical "no" and "never." Unfortunately, the question is not a rhetorical or over-theoretical. And it is also important for the achievement of independence. I can say with a low probability to make a mistake, that the Cossacks, and other colonies, with their undemocratic regimes consciously or deliberately impede their freedom, since for most of the population is not the primary issue, or even of any importance. Let, (bosses), that is, the owners think, we, they say, no matter who will be our command. People object to such simple logic is impossible, because if it is not disconnected from the democratic government involvement in the fundamental questions of his existence. Whoever is elected to the State Council of Russia or other authority, it is not a carrier of the popular will. He only executor of the main host of who sits in the Kremlin and the name "Republic" in this case is a fallacy. A thief and a criminal, President Putin repeatedly expressed opposition to the Lands of Cossacks , that, well, it's not, and all the opposition parties can fit on one couch. In the U.S., such a statement has led many in the horror, as it is not covered by the absence of any evidence of democracy in their country. West did not stay indifferent to it. A major Canadian newspaper "Globe and Mail" and expresses the opinion of the ruling circles in the U.S. "New York Times" published articles about Putin, Russia and the former ruling to suppress any manifestation of independence in their own backyards slaves. No need to shy away from these articles, they exactly reflect the opinions of the U.S. State Department. No wonder, then, that the U.S. began to selectively provide political asylum to citizens of Cossacks. Here we must not celebrate the powers and the cry of despair. After all, any citizen of the West is clear that the opposition is one of the most important conditions for the existence of a free society. After an oppressive regime does not necessarily have a recurrence of Stalin's regime. He is now more sophisticated (I need a place to spend the newspaper to clarify that all so obvious), but the same result. But cry powers are not collected. And for good reason. Still none of the authoritarian regimes are not able to isolate their people so that forever secure dominance corrupt elites. Therefore, it is too late, do not gloat over the "couch party", and immediately begin to create or maintain any means opposition groups, which they had not been unpleasant for the thief of President Putin and his aides oligarchs. Of course, it is unpleasant when radical Cossacks immigrants in the USA and Canada have criticized you, and sometimes it seems not choosing words. Even more unpleasant for the ruling elite in the former Russia, when they promise to remove it from power. However, that's a feature of democracy. Otherwise it does not work. Winston Churchill said openly and cynically about it. Yes, they say, democracy is distasteful, sometimes disgusting, but point me in exchange for a different, more progressive system. It is surprising that it does not understand neither the president nor his assistants. But it is the way they dig themselves a deeper hole and more of corrupt people, assuring him that only they are the very embodiment of democracy.
The opposition therefore acts he wanted to come to power. But it must be done by an honest election. To do this, it is also to nurture, guide it in a democratic way. Simply have to fund it, and for the publication of their press organs. This is nothing new. Indeed, in the crucial moments of the life of the nation, it can play a role in the consolidation of society and thus to really help the progress of the republic. No wonder the British opposition proud name of Her Majesty's Opposition, thus underlining its essential role in the life of society. Of course, to support and work with the opposition is much more difficult than to celebrate the power of sycophants and fans gain. However, this robust and fundamental to the whole nation.

If instead of a clan or a group of adventurers manages to use the same methods of election manipulation by collective farm chairmen, local affiliates of the authorities that the current ruling elite practices, and gained power, it evidently clear that instead of one undemocratic regime will only come from the other. The same can happen if one of the secret jealous to the president one day arrest him and declare himself president - a lifesaver. Believe me, Moscow, in this case only be happy and do not take to restore the former head of the republic, as it would be to know that instead of a single autocrat-thief came another. How to break a lance and then try to maintain the old servant. I doubt that the State Council will venture to protect his master, because people choose not willing to stand for a democratic Russia, and are ready to serve the capital of the host district bosses. And the society, the people, of course, will remain silent, it will be because they deeply care about. If there are no democratic institutions, it is not and their defenders. That is what the founding fathers feared the creators of American democracy. That's why they have laid a foundation of the state to avoid such.

Any reader known as U.S. lawmakers jealous and sometimes does biased criticism of its president, were subjected to a removal from power (impeachment) for reasons sounding ridiculous for us. But because no American president did not try to pursue any politician for that under any sauce. Not one of them tried to ban on frivolous reason, like, for example, in "judicial" ban the newspaper "Cossack look" and its chief editor and publisher of the Cossack- Alexander Dzikovitskogo sent to prison in Siberia, as happened this year, to stop the publication of journals or newspapers publishing compromising and even outright slander of the U.S. President. (18 April 2012 in the City Court verdict in the case was heard political prisoner Alexander Dzikovitskogo Cossack, publisher of "Cossack look." Former police officer, a veteran of the war in Transnistria, who has spearheaded the revival of the Cossacks and Obninsk, Kaluga region, was convicted of "inciting ethnic hatred". Judge Dmitry Pimoshin deprived of freedom of the journalist for one year prisons and the right "to engage in activities in the production and release of the media" for three years).
I am not aware of any case in the history of American democracy, when a president would be filed in court against the slander. President than that. What's true is true, the second president of the United States advocates D.Adamsa in Congress pushed through a law to prosecute detractors and one journalist even spent a year in prison, but the law is rather played against D.Adamsa and he was elected to a second term. Here's another example, this time from the book of S.Oatsa A.Linkolne. In the hard times of the Civil War in 1861, the president was convinced that the defense minister is unable to cope with their responsibilities, and he fired him. When he was appointed the position Stanton, all the president's entourage was shocked. Everyone knew this man was not afraid of insulting the president and expressions like "sheer fool," "a real gorilla" were by no means the worst of them. But the President was not guided by a sense of revenge, but by the interests of the nation and he was sure that only Stanton, and no one else can handle the case. And he was not wrong, Stanton completely reorganized his ministry and was supremely effective in winning difficult war. Ultimately benefit the country, the American democracy. It is not superfluous to note that A.Linkoln not descended from the aristocracy or the rich, but was only the son of a poor farmer, self-taught lawyer, never finished high school, and college, he said, the first time I saw the inside, when his son went to Harvard University.
We once again ask ourselves why our leaders do not follow the example of the best examples, and doing their best to duplicate the various morons and degenerates of the former Russian Empire? Is our destiny lies in the existence of such an oppressive regime? However, the people of the Cossacks flair realizes that he does not need the worst clamp. Suppose, say, Moscow is better, even if it is far, but not as severe as the local mini-despots, and in case you can search it justice. That's where the key to people's indifference to the issue of independence and democracy in modern times.
We should not forget history when, led by chieftain president Peter Krasnov National Don Cossack Army was held at the time in 1918 out of a hundred thousand Cossacks soldiers stopped alone for almost two years, well-armed and Gearing half a million army of the Bolsheviks from Moscow, the Message the land of Don Cossacks Leon Trotsky (Leiba Bronstein creator of the Red Army). Only the Germans helped the Don Cossacks by weapons and ammunition. Don Cossacks alone for almost two years, cut to his steppes over half a million soldiers of the Red Army, with basically only drafts-(saber) and captured weapons taken in bloody battles with the Bolsheviks, machine guns, rifles, ammunition and food and medikomenty. Cossack lands under had occupied Russian Tsar and his government prudently not built and did not have a single plant or factory for the manufacture of weapons and ammunition, knowing that the Cossacks do not like Russian rule in their lands, and at every opportunity once again raise the rebellion to oust the invaders with his arms . All plants in Russia used to be in our time far away from the land of the Cossacks. The power in the Kremlin, the old and the new perfectly remember when the popular uprising of the Cossacks from the Don Army was beaten huge Russian army personnel and were on the outskirts with the Moscow. Cossacks always a lot of that was not enough to break up and destroy the army of the rassian king. First of all wars scored major victories but eventually suffered a military defeat, followed by genocide against non-submissive. To the west of these uprisings this no one knows. Russian censorship under President Putin works fine.

If the rulers of Moscow deliberately excluded people of the Cossacks on the solution and the power of the democratic game, finding that he had not yet reached it, or deciding that the Cossacks would be at the mercy of deadly enemies criminal regime of Kremlin under the guise of democracy. What did they do in order to implement the results of the referendum and the Declaration of Independence of the Cossacks on an international scale? Turned on recognition of Cossacks to free countries, sent delegations to explain their decisions? Sent a notice to prepared decisions in the UN or other countries? I know of no such steps the cabinet of President Putin, the oligarchs, and I'm afraid that do not know them, and readers, because such steps had been taken. Moreover, when I met with a representative at the UN, in response to my question of studying the possibility of recognizing the sovereignty of the state Cossackia he just smiled sadly and said that he knows that what actually has Cossackia independence he is well aware . By the way, the German diplomat literally amazed me with his knowledge of the history of the Cossacks in Russia and Ukraine. He knows our great writers and characters and deeply grateful Cossacks philosophers, who had invested, according to him, a great contribution to the struggle for non-dependence Kazakov. I confess with my eyes flowed with hot tears of pride and pain for my long-suffering people of Cossack. As well, that the enlightened sons of Germany our Sister, judge us not by Cossacks traitors of our people went over to the Bolsheviks in not great numbers, but of all the people in general, Kazakov, who is all entirely on children, the elderly and women who took no equal fight with the Communists, the only one of the numerous peoples of Russia which preferred the death struggle with a terrible enemy-communism in the tens or hundreds of times greater than all the available scarce resources Cossacks.

But why are the leaders of the modern Cossacks take more steps at the moment? Why no deputy of the Don Cossack or the Dnieper in the State Duma in Moscow never spoke on the subject of independence, decolonization of all okkupirovanyh as Ukraine and Russia national land Cossacks? Why no one leader in each structure voennizirovanoy Cossacks never took action with reference to the United Nations on decolonization, and did not send their representatives there to negotiate? That they are more stupid than me, literally bedeviled by these issues, and the fools in international affairs? Absolutely sure that they are smart and calculating, but I am afraid only of his comfortable existence. With high probability we can assume that they are satisfied with the status quo and the fear of losing everything they have at the Kremlin moment.Instead of this rich Cossacks posed to their posts have huge grants in the form of money from Moscow that they put at 90 per cent in their pockets and in addition they are not legally privatized together with the Russian oligarchs all businesses and factories in the ground in the land of Cossacks. Them really have anything to lose!
This can be seen in the squares of our cities, in bronze flaunt butchers people, Lenin and his lieutenants. The streets still bear their names. What, what, but absolutely convinced that even Moscow rulers not suggested such a nightmare. But every Cossack knows that Germany will not find a single monument to Adolf Hitler, as well as in Russia, it is impossible to see monuments of Genghis Khan, Batu Khan and his successors conquerors Rossii. Or ancient monuments such as the national leaders of the Cossack movement rose up to fight with Moscow not only a huge number of Cossacks and tens of thousands of Russian and Ukrainian people who over the years have been voluntary in the Cossack Armies against the King of the Moscow Kremlin. What Cossacks mind in place of the iron monument of Lenin on his executioner eponymous square a monument to Peter Ataman Ataman Krasnov or Stepan Razin on a great project Cossacks? Maybe Moscow opposes such autonomy No, no , Moscow is not just opposed to this, she is deathly afraid of it! And everybody knows it …
It's hard to imagine what would be the answers to my questions from the leadership of the republic. However, they are unlikely to have changed in the essence and the evidence supports my sad conclusion. How else to explain that, even at times government-governmental organizations Cossacks with loud names not doing anything concrete and of itself is not in the internationalization of the issue of independence and decolonization? Here, the naked eye sees the reluctance of the ruling elite to go to a specific, stress purely peaceful affairs.
Today, Putin, seeing the absolute obedience to the elite of the colonies, was engaged in the final liquidation of even imaginary signs of autonomy. Correctly. Since slaves did not stand on ceremony. But I'm sure he is profoundly mistaken in only one. This one is to try to limit the power of local rulers over his people. That's the "one" in the first place, rather than issues of independence and decolonization, affect the interests of the local ruling elites. It is here that can turn the fight. Who would voluntarily give up unlimited opportunities for personal enrichment and has already become hereditary authoritarian rule?
A game of politics to be serious and uncompromising. Needless to say, what major challenges we will experience. However, certain of one thing, if the elite Cossacks people mobilized and show inertia, it reached a breaking point is we once again played, just as it did in the time of the collapse of the empire called the USSR. Our old ruling elite is incapable of decisive action for the reasons stated above. No need to deal with only one of her whipping or exhortation. It does not change. She played well to his advantage. If she wants to continue to engage the salvation of the empire, as it does at the present time, we have to stop it, so to speak, bringing it to light to the world. One of the steps in this direction is the internationalization of the issue of decolonization Cossackia to the level of the initiation of its discussion in the UN. To do this, the best way would be a resumption of the newly established National Front Cossack People collecting signatures on a petition to the UN. Still does not the fact that the international community, the UN, Western democracies remain indifferent to such treatment. And there, perhaps with the support of international opinion in support of the Cossacks to the Internet resources, descend and truly democratic elections supervised by the UN, as it is necessary for dekoloniziruemyh territories. I know not in theory, we have friends among them, including representatives of governments of the former Russian colonies. We, the true patriots of our nation Cossacks will be able to inform the world of the hidden centuries-old dream of the independence of our nation, the loss of which for several hundred years. Many colonies in the world, with a lot more experience, have become independent. I am confident we will achieve nothing less. If we act, not just talk nonsense and drink vodka. Vodka is the main weapon of our enemies in Moscow, this must always remember! You should not drink alcohol at all! It should be a healthy and cultural life. Learn, educate our children and grandchildren, to study history, to create factories that was not without workmen, make friends with Europe and the United States-Canada. That's how I see the situation in the Cossacks.
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